We are a small home-oriented cattery in Brooklyn NY. 

We sell Siberian cats and kittens. Our cats are raised with love and care and are hypoallergenic.  We are TICA certified cattery and we fully adhere to their code of conduct and standards.

   We are and our cats are proud members registered in TICA.   

    Our cats are in peak health and are fully vaccinated, as well as ringworm, Leukemia,   FIV free. (all cats are tested, test results will be provided upon request). 

   We keep our cats as healthy as possible through regular veterinary appointments, a healthy raw diet, and lots of play and exercise.


   KITTENS COME WITH Veterinary Health certificate, Vaccination on time, deworming           and SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACT.  

 We do not sell kittens for breeding. 


   We never "ship" kittens and will only provide transportation via a hand carrier who is an authorized agent of Siberian Angels NY. That way, there are no sight unseen internet sales. 

      We will not allow declawing of any of our kittens/cats.   Please click on this link to learn more about this very painful and unhuman practice.  



                    Our Kings and Queens



"This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc."

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Siberian Angels cattery

Neptune Angel Neva of Siberian Angels

We are TICA and MFA certified cattery

​​​Siberian Angels NY cattery