​​​Siberian Angels Cattery

                                             Cat/Kitten Sales Contract

This agreement was made and entered                      2024 between (Purchaser)                         _______________________________ 
Hereafter known as the Purchaser or Buyer and
Siberian Angels, Represented by ____________________________
hereafter known as the Seller and or Breeder, for the purchase of cat/kitten 

                                              of SIberian Angels,  DOB 
Buyer agrees to pay                       for above named cat/kitten. 

The deposit(not refundable) for keeping the kitten on hold is $500.00
(can be send via PayPal) Actual payment in cash at the time you meet your kitten. 
If you need help placing the cat due to allergy problems,
we will attempt to help you find it a new home if possible.  We are not taking kittens back. No refund is given.

 Under no circumstances will this cat or any of its offspring, be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.  

 Adequate indoor sanitary facilities will be provided.  This cat is not to be allowed to roam freely outdoors.  Declawing is illegal in our cattery!
Cattery  suggests that you get pet insurance when you purchase the kitten.
This kitten is purchased as a pet, purchaser agrees to neuter or spay this cat from 6 up to 9 month old!

 Buyer must provide a current picture of the cat, and paper work E-mailed directly from the Vet’s office verifying that the cat (Pedigree (breeder) name, DOB, color, microchip  and owner name and address) has been spayed or neutered to receive its TICA, MFA or WCF registration documents.

This kitten is sold as a pet, buyer agreed not to use this cat as breed able animal under any circumstances. 

       The seller has limited guarantee of 12 month, starting from the birth date of the kitten against death from congenital birth defects. Guarantee does not apply to parasites as these are generally treatable. Guarantee does not apply to other virus illnesses (as Corona virus, any other viruses) or injuries.
This contract is deemed Void and Null if:

1. Kitten has been declawed.

2. Rabies Vaccination has been administered to the kitten prior to the age of 6 month old. 

The seller must be notified when the kitten becomes sick, and the seller may replace the kitten with like kitten when it becomes available only. During 12 months. There will be no money refund given.

The buyer is responsible for all veterinarian bills and all shipping costs.       

cattery suggests that you get pet insurance when you purchase the kitten.  

To receive a replacement kitten the vet must have a necropsy preformed with a written statement on the cause of death from the diagnostic lab only. (Breeder’s name of the cat, DOB, color and Micro chip)
The Cat must have documented yearly Vet checks for this guarantee to be valid.  Some birth defects can be treated with medication if caught in early stages.     NO CASH REFUND WILL BE GIVEN IF A REPLACEMENT KITTEN IS NOT WANTED (Please indicate below if replacement wanted)

Breeder guarantees the health of this kitten / cat for 72 hours.  Please have your kitten/cat examined by your Veterinarian within this time. 


 Vet bills are buyer’s responsibility.
The breeder is providing  health certificate from our Veterinarian and complete record of all vaccinations. Kitten will be dewormed  and microchipped before going home.

The Buyer of the kitten/cat will pay any Attorney’s fees or Court fees, which should arise from Breach of this contract and court shall be in the county of the breeder...   

   This kitten/cat will be registered with TICA,  MFA, or WCF  cats organization.



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Buyer Signature: __________________________________________

 Seller/Breeder Signature:   __________________      

 Buyer signature:__________________________________