About the Siberian breed


​​​Siberian Angels Cattery

Originally bred in Russia, Siberian cats are considered semi-longhaired cats.
Curiously, the name Siberians doesn't come from the region of Siberia as some might think but is a comment on the cat's thick, heavy coat that protected them from the winter temperatures of Russia.
The breed has a solid build, often growing quite large up to 12 to 18 pounds for males, and 10 to 14 pounds for females. They are strong and exceptionally intelligent cats. The fur is usually medium-long, textured, and tabby patterned.

Siberian cats are known for their dog-like loyalty. They are highly intelligent and will develop a strong bond with their owner. They are very devoted cats and love children. They are eager to receive affection and give it, often wanting to spend hours curled up on a lap, getting their chin scratched. They are easily trained, well-behaved, and extremely attentive. They are great companions and do extremely well in families with children.

Siberian cats are a hardy breed. They tolerate most weather, as their coats protect them from the cold and the heat. They are considered healthier and require less care than some other pedigree breeds. They have no specific health issues and are often considered hypoallergenic.

Considered hypoallergenic, this particular breed is noted to cause little to no reaction in many of those who suffer allergies to cat fur. Females especially are said to produce fewer allergens and thus are recommended to those with allergies who still want to keep a cat.
Of course, each person should test his reaction to their cat of choice first, as reaction differs with each individual and the severity of the allergy, and some individuals may still suffer symptoms.